September 28, 2023

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NOCO GB40 vs. NOCO GB70: Fast Take

Moveable leap starters just like the NOCO GB40 and NOCO GB70 present the comfort of on-demand energy when your battery inconveniently dies. You don’t should fiddle with jumper cables or look ahead to roadside help, making the GB40 or GB70 perfect for a winter emergency package. Past leaping a car battery, further options make both unit a handy instrument for tenting, looking, and fishing or to have across the farm or store.

  • Relating to on a regular basis automobiles: It’s onerous to high the 1,000-amp GB40 with its compact design, built-in flashlight, and reasonable $100 price tag. In case your “every day driver” is a typical sedan, crossover, or smaller SUV, the GB40 is the one moveable leap starter you want.
  • Relating to heavy-use automobiles: Though the GB40 can deal with gasoline engines as much as six liters, the two,000-amp GB70 is extra muscular and gives peace of thoughts should you actually beat the tar out of your car. The GB70 is designed for bigger gasoline and diesel vans that endure strenuous miles because of heavy use from towing or shifting sizeable payloads. It retails for $200 on Amazon. 

I personal a NOCO GB40 and a GB70 and have been pleased with each, save for one minor quirk concerning the GB70. Under I’ll examine and distinction every unit somewhat additional.

Battery & Automobile Compatibility

The NOCO GB40 and GB70 will leap varied lead-acid batteries, together with moist cell, gel, maintenance-free, enhanced flooded, and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. Each will leap virtually any RV, marine, four-wheeler, snowmobile, or garden mower battery. The primary distinction between the GB40 and GB70 in battery and car compatibility is their general capability.

For instance, the 1,000-amp GB40 will deal with gasoline engines as much as six liters and smaller diesel powertrains as much as three liters. The two,000-amp GB70, against this, will leap gasoline engines as much as eight liters and diesel powertrains as much as six liters in displacement, together with late-model HD vans from the Large Three. That’s to not say it’s not possible for a GB40 to leap a truck battery (like a half-ton truck) or {that a} GB70 is “too huge” for a sedan battery, extra that every unit has totally different parameters on the utmost it may deal with.

NOCO GB40 vs. NOCO GB70 banner.

Clamps & Cables: Observations & Variations

The GB40 and GB70 have what NOCO calls “precision clamps,” which refers back to the clamp’s spark-proof, crocodile-jaw design. This enables the GB40 and GB70 to securely and successfully chew down on batteries and terminals of various sizes. One potential draw back is the comparatively quick jumper cables on the GB40 and GB70, which is forgivable since they’re moveable models and could be positioned practically anyplace beneath the hood to succeed in the battery.

One key distinction is how the GB40’s clamps and cables are removable whereas the GB70’s are affixed. The removable cables of the already compact GB40 make it simpler to stow within the microfiber bag NOCO contains with each moveable leap starter. Nonetheless, the GB70’s hooked up cables mitigate energy loss throughout a leap, guaranteeing the unit is well-suited for bigger engines, particularly diesel vans.

The potential downside is how the GB70’s cables and precision clamps face away from the flashlight. On the left aspect is the charging financial institution, whereas the flashlight is on the precise aspect. The cables and clamps path again and away from the flashlight throughout a leap and go within the course of the charging financial institution. Ideally, the flashlight and the cables ought to level in the identical course so it’s simpler to see the battery, particularly at night time.

NOCO describes the GB70 because the “truck mannequin” in its lineup of moveable leap starters. Our solely change could be to flip the placement of the charging financial institution and the flashlight to make it simpler to see the battery at night time.

Built-in Flashlight & Charging Financial institution

Built-in into the NOCO GB40 and GB70 is a flashlight with seven totally different modes, together with an SOS beacon and emergency strobe. The constant-on modes have three totally different brightness settings, from larger to decrease. Given its dimension, the GB70 has a brighter 400-lumen flashlight versus the GB40’s 100-lumen flashlight.

In the meantime, the built-in charging banks of both unit can cost a spread of private gadgets like telephones, tablets, and e-watches. The primary distinction is how the GB70 comes with an XGC extension twine with a 12V female and male adaptor. Not like the GB40, the GB70 can energy different 12V gadgets, like a transportable tire inflator (we typically use the GB70 to run our Slime inflator).

NOCO GB40 vs. NOCO GB70: Fail-Protected Designs

The very best similarity between the GB40 and GB70 is the proprietary software program platform inside every unit known as the Battery Administration System, or BMS. As described by NOCO, the BMS is chargeable for key security options and making a “mistake-proof” moveable leap starter.

With the BMS, the GB40 and GB70 solely output when the cables are accurately hooked up to a battery. For instance, should you by accident hook up with the mistaken terminal (reverse polarity), the models won’t activate. Equally, if the polarity is right, however one of many clamps is unfastened, the BMS prevents them from delivering energy.

With a correct connection, the white 12V LED mild will illuminate. The models will make an audible click on, indicating that leaping the battery is secure.

Quite than hitting every little thing they hook up with at full blast, the GB40 and GB70 solely ship the juice required by the battery needing a leap. The models can inform the distinction between a backyard tractor battery and a truck battery and alter energy supply accordingly.

NOCO GB40 vs. NOCO GB70 Verdict

  • Inexpensive & Compact: The 1,000-amp NOCO GB40 is our decide because it accommodates a large swath of on a regular basis automobiles, each new and gently used. Slim and skinny at beneath 2.5 lbs. with clamps and equipment, the GB40 is simple to stow. When you want a brand new, high-quality moveable leap starter that gained’t break the financial institution, the GB40 is an effective decide for $100 on Amazon
  • Sturdy & Highly effective: As the larger brother, the two,000-amp NOCO GB70 gives extra leaping energy, a brighter flashlight, and a 12V energy outlet. When you drive a much bigger diesel truck, have a fleet of heavy-use automobiles, or need a moveable leap starter with somewhat extra muscle, the GB70 is a good value for $200.   

For added perception on every unit and its options, check out our overview of the NOCO GB40 and our overview of the NOCO GB70. 

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