(NIGERIA) The IVIXI automobile challenge

The IVIXI automobile challenge (The Africa Best Car)

 Outlined by the creator of the idea car, Adedapo Paul Akintunde. 

The entire objective of the ivixi automobile is for us to develop the tech that may
serve us. The challenge as you already know, will affect all the opposite artistic
second/3d disciplines. As you already know, the ivixi automobile has sure quirks about
it that stem from right here, however like Yoruba and damaged in afrobeat music,
will later be imbibed and mimicked by a worldwide viewers, because the ‘quirks’
they’re, and can add spice to a prosaic existence. Which was what I
was hitting at after I was expressing that this design is not a Ferrari!

The ivixi automobile challenge is already being embraced by our native viewers,
which was the entire objective: additionally like afrobeat, we do not actually give a
hoot whether or not any oyinbo or Indian or one other foreigner sees it or not.
It’s subtle sufficient by way of line and floor to be twenty first
century automotive design, but in addition native sufficient in it is purposeful
positioning to be strictly regional, and the detailing on varied
iterations will underscore this reality.

I am very cautious to maintain the drawings
inside what could be manufactured with the assets at Azuka’s manufacturing facility to
maintain the authenticity of possession to that location: after we increase, we
may have established that management by that very system of location and
situational intelligence. The safety of its authenticity stays
what elements make it an ivixi automobile, so punters might be fast to level
out potential fakes.

Egusi soup is eaten in a soup
bowl and is a ‘soup’- however to its consumer it can’t be drank and is not
usually accompanied by any form of bread, however that does not have an effect on it is
self esteem in opposition to tomato or hen soup. Egusi is resplendent
in opposition to amala, iyan, eba, semo and lots of different okeles. No English names
for egusi soup and okeles, and no English substitutes for these superb
tremendous meals. No have to rely their energy even. 

Egusi soup is supreme. 

car kind we have achieved is rather like egusi soup. It is not a jeep
neither is it a sports activities utility car. It’s a automobile so far as egusi is a
soup. It carries folks from a-b identical to egusi satisfies appetites.
Nevertheless, like egusi, it would not go properly with bread- as in on a regular basis
operations. It’s a multipurpose car in that it caters for the
Nigerian tradition as the place it is at, and thus turns into an instrument of the
Nigerian development story. How is it so?

from the plain a-b capabilities, it’s the Mallam retailer, the farmer’s
utility van, and the soldier’s accompaniment to victory. It’s the
car that Taoreed the welder made, so Mufutau the opposite welder can
repair. It would not have any fancy floor transitions, neither can it
simply be disfigured by jealousy or negligence of various levels.  It
is tall for defense in opposition to its mild weight composition, and to
stop demise by going beneath a trailer, or being flattened by one,(offers
you a number of seconds to flee) however it’s centre of gravity is positioned very
low to stop any form of tumbling. It would present a further
inverter capability to provide its proprietor with electrical energy when that scarce
useful resource is withheld by the ogas that personal it, and it’ll present
illumination to guard it is proprietor in opposition to neighborhood darkness. It
additionally contributes massively to Nigerian development by being the car
that Taoreed has made, thus eradicating sole reliance from Toyota and the
present Chinese language suppliers, additional imbuing the boldness to surge forward
and increase the manufacturing to numerous mutations and hybrids.

 Courtesy of 

Adedapo Paul Akintunde