September 29, 2023

‘Second look automobile’ is a title I’ve been utilizing for years. I even made certain to work it into my first ever Speedhunters article again in 2019. 

Loads of automobiles obtain fleeting second seems to be from passersby, however to me the time period solely applies to automobiles which pique curiosity on the primary look, then command your consideration on the second.

UD 23 Charlie S2-1

To many individuals, Charlie Williams’ 1995 Audi S2 is ‘simply one other’ Nineteen Nineties Audi lowered on a set of cut up rims. Whoop-dee-doo. But to those that who know a bit of about ’90s German efficiency automobiles, the adjustments Charlie has completed to make this Audi his personal stand out in an enormous approach.

UD 23 Charlie S2-5

Let’s begin with these cut up rims: a basic set of OZ Futuras. (I spy a pattern with this yr’s Final Dubs spotlights…)

To most, a set of 18-inch Futuras is considerably uncommon however nothing to write down residence about. In Charlie’s case, nevertheless, he has taken a set of 17-inch wheels and stepped them as much as 18×8.5-inch utilizing new lips and barrels.

Why don’t the wheels look stepped up although? Nicely, that will be as a result of they’ve been transformed from a ‘sandwich’ mount wheel to a ‘face-mounted’ wheel, that means the lip and barrel now mount on to the again of the wheel centre.

However why even trouble? As a result of Charlie wasn’t eager on the total lip being seen with the smaller 17-inch face. Face mounting the wheel centre in a darkish satin gray hides nearly two inches of brushed metallic, bringing the wheels’ proportions again into steadiness.

UD 23 Charlie S2-2

Behind the Futuras are Porsche 996 brake callipers for further stopping energy, whereas BC Racing coilovers and a collection of restored/uprated suspension arms, bushes and chassis parts tighten up the dealing with of the nose-heavy coupé.

And it’s a moderately fairly coupé, isn’t it? At the same time as an unconventionally formed two-door automobile.

Being a retro five-cylinder Audi, you have got an infinite front-overhang with a bluff nostril. On this case, a nostril with further aggression because of a smoothed bumper, real Audi RS2 grille, {custom} S2 badge and a contest entrance lip.

Observe the sharp (for the ’90s) shoulder line as your eyes make their option to the again of the S2 and also you’ll discover a pair of abnormally clean mirrors for such a sq. automobile. Nicely, as per the opposite nods to the Audi RS2, Charlie has opted for a set of teardrop-shaped mirrors, á la Porsche 964.

UD 23 Charlie S2-19

On the again is the epic wraparound rear lip spoiler, with a partial de-badge and stainless-steel exhaust tricks to tidy issues up.

This exhaust isn’t only for present, oh no. Due to an Audi RS2 turbo and exhaust manifold, bigger intercooler, injectors a 3-inch valved turbo-back exhaust, this ’90s government specific now places down 375hp and 404ft-lb of torque.

UD 23 Charlie S2-8

However even the punchy energy determine with uncommon components is overshadowed by the S2’s inside.

UD 23 Charlie S2-12

The grayscale color palette makes them straightforward to miss, however as a retro German tuning nerd a pair of period-correct Recaro A8s heat my coronary heart.

UD 23 Charlie S2-14

The stickler for element in me is much more impressed by the extent of the re-trim, with nearly each main inside aspect having been wrapped in gray or black Alcantara.

UD 23 Charlie S2-10

It’s too straightforward to lose element in such an inside, but small touches such because the steering wheel ‘traces’, shiny badges and shiny carbon fibre trim items contribute each a color and textural distinction to the swathes of grainy Alcantara.

Black headlining, A/B/C pillars and boot trim are a surefire approach of constructing certain you’re not misplaced in a sea of gray upon very gently reducing your self into the Recaros. They’ve a behavior of cracking bolster frames with some ill-placed weight…

A Coolerworx tower shifter completes the inside, with {custom} gear linkage mating the shifter to the gearbox to shorten and tighten the gear adjustments. Charlie makes some extent of the throw not having been shortened all that a lot upon first becoming, however with some fiddling and a custom-made trimmed panel the shifter now seems to be at residence and feels sportier.

UD 23 Charlie S2-18

My favorite element? The work that’s gone into the wheels. Not the end or proportions, however the security of the construct. OZ Futuras would not have sufficient ‘internal flange’ to seat each the lip and barrel safely when face mounting the centre. To take action is risking sheared perimeter bolts and potential catastrophe.

In Charlie’s case, every wheel face was machined to simply accept press/bolt-in dowels, finding the face, lip and barrel safely and securely.

UD 23 Charlie S2-22

Charlie Williams’ Audi S2 is strictly my definition of a ‘second look automobile.’ Not solely did it steal my consideration at Final Dubs, it has but to offer it again.

Mario Christou
Instagram: mcwpn