September 28, 2023

Jaw Dropping Video: Watch A Farmall 1206 Tractor Break In Half At A Tractor Pull!

Jaw Dropping Video: Watch A Farmall 1206 Tractor Break In Half At A Tractor Pull!

In order you possibly can see by the lead picture, I’m not stretching the reality after I let you know that the tractor on this video (a mid-Nineteen Sixties Farmall 1206) is actually damaged in half by the tip of this video. The perpetrator? A flywheel explosion that’s weird in its personal proper. As you will notice, the motive force of the tractor makes two makes an attempt to drag the sled down the course. The tractor doesn’t sound all that wholesome and on the primary try he actually can not get the factor to maneuver and he aborts. The second try he manages to get the tractor transferring underneath its personal energy and the factor pulls the sled proper out the again door. That’s when catastrophe strikes.

After the pull is finished an official approached the tractor. Unexpectedly the motor revs up and BOOM, you possibly can see the machine break up in two. At that time within the video, it switches to a group of nonetheless photographs documenting the scene and they’re beautiful. The 1206 just isn’t a small machine. They got here with 5.9L Worldwide DT361 diesel engines that had been turbocharged and rated at as much as 112hp on the draw bar. The straight six appears to be intact, however the transmission, which was probably fabricated from forged iron shattered like glass when the large flywheel got here aside. Tractors just like the 1206 do not need a fringe body like a automobile, as a substitute counting on the driveline elements themselves to behave because the machine’s backbone. As you’ll see on this video the one factor left truly holding this factor collectively was the sheet metallic cowl above the engine.

That is destruction on a completely epic scale!


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