September 29, 2023

30mph speed signs

Half (50%) of automotive drivers broke the pace restrict on 30mph roads in 2022 in comparison with 45% on motorways and 11% on nationwide pace restrict single carriageway roads, in line with new information from the Division for Transport.

The DfT figures additionally revealed that 48% of vans exceeded the pace restrict on motorways in comparison with 51% on 30mph roads.

Nonetheless, solely 2% of articulated HGVs exceeded the pace restrict on motorways, in comparison with 35% on nationwide pace restrict single carriageway roads and 39% on 30mph roads.

Motorway traffic

“It’s regarding to see that yearly half of drivers exceed the restrict on 30mph roads, with greater than a fifth (22%) final 12 months driving greater than 5 miles an hour too quick,” mentioned the RAC’s Simon Williams.

“The implications of dashing on these roads is more likely to be better than on quicker roads, not least as they’re typically in areas with extra pedestrians and cyclists.

“One doable clarification for why pace restrict compliance is a lot worse in comparison with different roads is that drivers could also be used to searching for pace restrict indicators, that are a lot much less prevalent on 30mph roads as typically talking the presence of streetlights signifies the restrict is 30mph.

“Whereas drivers ought to know this, maybe there’s a case for using extra ‘repeater’ indicators in 30mph areas so there isn’t a doubt.”